About Us

Vintage Capital Management, LLC (“VCM”, “we” or “us”) is a value-oriented, operations-focused private and public equity investor specializing in the aerospace & defense, manufacturing and consumer sectors with a 15-year track record of consistently successful returns.

VCM adheres strictly to a capital preservation approach defined by our commitment to control (economic or otherwise); vigilant analysis; structural advantages; and partnership with successful operators well known to us. VCM maintains vast networks within its targeted sectors that yield robust deal flow, management and board resources, and seamless access to debt, equity and capital markets services.

Investment Philosophy

VCM seeks investment opportunities characterized by differentiated offerings with significant barriers to entry, strong margins and cash flows and valuation arbitrage potential due to unique company circumstances. We gravitate to opportunities where we can project investment strategies that can be executed in relatively short hold periods based on concrete action plans. Typically, VCM looks to partner with successful owner-operators of companies in its target sectors and/or structure transactions that transition high quality management teams into owner-operators. We leverage our industry relationships and expertise while applying our own financial, operational and capital markets experience to realize operational efficiencies; expand and strengthen industry positioning; and navigate the challenges of merger & acquisition activity, capital allocation and strategic direction.

Investment Criteria

Persistently guided by our value approach, VCM seeks to invest in companies in which the transaction or the resulting application of our broad expertise can unlock substantial value rapidly. While we have experience in a broad range of investment opportunities, VCM has a particular interest in the following:

  • Take private acquisitions
  • Consolidations and “build-ups”
  • “Toehold” public company investments
  • Corporate spinoffs
  • Management buyouts
  • Family owned business acquisitions
  • Bankruptcy acquisitions
  • Recapitalizations
Recent News
April 18, 2013
Anaren, Inc. Acknowledges Receipt of Unsolicited Offer by Vintage Capital Management, LLC

Anaren, Inc. (Nasdaq:ANEN), today announced that it has received a letter, dated April 15, 2013, containing a non-binding offer from Vintage Capital Management, LLC (Vintage Capital) to acquire Anaren in a cash transaction for $23.00 per share.

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